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Monday, July 02, 2007

Improper Etiquette

Well, the year is officially half over. Ack! How did that happen??? It feels like Christmas was only yesterday!!!

July seemed like a long time away, and now here it is... and today I am happy to announce the release of IMPROPER ETIQUETTE. I'll be doing a booksigning in Radcliff, Kentucky, this Saturday the 7th along with Lori Foster whose book, SIMON SAYS, officially hits the shelves tomorrow! So it will be a fun day, and Dianne Castell will also be there along with a couple of other authors.

Our home town celebrates the 4th on the weekend before the holiday, so our crew (minus Anna's hubby) came up for the festivities. We enjoyed the parade Saturday morning and some really good fireworks that night.

I've included a couple of pictures of Ainsley and Anastasia. Ainsley looks cute in these photos, but Sunday morning she fell face down on our driveway and skinned up her brow, nose, and cheek. Poor baby looked pretty rough when they left. (Wondering what's in her left hand?? She picked up a rock from the gravel, and carried it as her prize all morning!)

Hope everyone has a great week. If you are lucky enough to be off on Wednesday, have a great 4th as well! And if you should happen to wander by a bookstore (cough, cough), well - you get the picture. :)

And as for me, I'll be heading out to buy Simon Says tomorrow!

Happy Summer,


Cryna said...

Cute pictures of the girls Janice, they are growing so fast. I agree the time has gone so quickly and it is hard to believe the year is half over already.

Have to make a trip to my favourite bookstore and pick up some of these books on my list. Have a great day.

Laurie D. said...

Adorable pictures, Janice! Out parade and fireworks are on the 4th and I can't wait!

I was at the mall yesterday but they don't have IMPROPER ETIQUETTE out of the back room yet, and boy were those women behind the counter cold-hearted - I couldn't talk them into selling me an early copy for anything! SIMON SAYS is fab and everyone should run out to get a copy of it too!

We're very fortunate this year in that our office is closing on the 4th, 5th and 6th for the holiday, and then I'm on vacation the following week - woohoo! I'll no doubt get to the bookstore again sometime later this week since I have extra days off. Have a great holiday and fun at the booksigning!

Judy F said...

The girls are so cute. I hope to pick up your book soon. I am getting Simon Says tomorrow.

The 4th is my brother and sisters bday... big 50 LOL

Sparky Duck said...

I cant tell which pic I like more, the flag and the rock or the book cover. Ok the kid wins based on cuteness

Stacy~ said...

Aww what cuties indeed. I bet you had fun with them :)

I am waiting for the "properly" naughty mood to read Improper Etiquette...should be any minute now ;)

Have a fun & safe 4th everyone!

Jaynie R said...

The kids are cute - looks like they were having fun.

The cover of Improper Etiquette is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on the release.

Janice Maynard said...

Hey, ladies - Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the compliments on my two darlin's. Of course, I am SO prejudiced. Ha!

Sparky Duck - funny post. :))

Hope you enjoy IE... for some reason, I always cringe when a new book comes out - I have this fear that everyone will think it is drivel. Ack! But I must say that I love my guys in this one, so maybe you will, too!


danetteb said...

Happy Release Day Janice!
The girls are so cute with their fourth of July outfits on.*g*

Stacy S said...

Great pictures they are adorable. I'll be getting your book Saturday at your signing. The cover is great.

Michelle B said...

Anastasia and Ainsley are so cute and getting so big!

And I feel like 2007 just started, so I can't believe we're more than halfway to 2008. The high school where I'm teaching this summer has a "Welcome class of 2011" sign up. I couldn't believe that we are already up to Class of 2011! How time flies...