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Sunday, July 22, 2007


When you all go off to intentionally buy a book or maybe you pick up a book because you see it like I do when I’m at the market. That usually means I’m off snooping books instead of laying claim to a pound of ground beef or carrots or the like.

The question is, why am I there? Sometimes I’m on the hunt of a specific book that’s out but mostly I’m just shopping for something good to read. Oh, I might have heard that this is a good read and that’s great but most of the time I’m looking for a book that I’m in the mood for.

Yep, I get book cravings like I get Peep cravings and I have no idea why I get either. Maybe I need the sugar high or a mystery high or a good laugh or be wisked away to Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, Happy Springs, Texas.

So the question today is... What sort of book are you in the mood for right now?
What book are you so not in the mood for?

As for me, right now I’m in the mood for love and mystery...mostly because that’s what I’m writing. I have about a hundred more pages of
Hot and Bothered to finish up. The cover fits. It looks like a hot night in Savannah and a little mysterious.

Here’s a partial list to get your craving juices flowing.

Vampires Dangerous Heroes Reincarnation
Love and War Love and Laughter Revenge
Terms of the Will Bad Boys Presumed dead
May, Dec romance Bad Girls Marriage of Convenience
Rags to Riches Doctor Nurse Time Travel
Chick Lit Lady Lit Tropical setting
Love & Mystery Amnesia Mistaken identity
Twins Changing Places Hidden Baby

Have a great Sunday!
Think of me writing like a mad-woman to get this book done. The last hundred pages are the most fun. It'll be a good writing week!

I’ll draw a name from the responses for a The Morgue The Merrier (Kensington Zebra) tote that’s out in September with Karen Kelley and Rosemary Laurey.



Anonymous said...

Right now I am in the mood for something with snappy dialog. I hate it when I think either the heroine is stupid or the guy is an a**hole. Since I am in the process of sorting all of my TBR boxes, I am looking thru older titles that I haven't had a chance to read before.

Any suggestions?? If it is newer, I have probably already read it.

Hugs, Chris

Lori said...


I love this blog! What a great questions. I have to browse the book section everytime I pass one even if I don't have a specific title in mind or even the budget to buy one. I am addicted.

Right now, I am in the mood for a very good sexy paranormal romance.

I love the cover for you upcoming book!!


Cryna said...

Good question. I have to visit the book section of the stores, and sort of cruise through even though I might not be looking for something specific.

Right now I am into the mystery suspense reads, or a humorous one. I love the new cover. It has the mystery and intrigue look, it would certainly be a book I would look at even if I did not know the author, because it catches the eye.

Barb V. said...

Love the new cover Dianne. As Cryna said, very eye-catching.

I was on a suspense/mystery binge with Patterson, Koontz, and Robert B. Parker. Now I'm back to romance. Just finished High Noon by Nora, and am now going through the TBR stack picking out quick reads. Have a couple of Presents that are on my radar next. They are not my thing on a regular basis, but every so often they are exactly what I want.

JT Schultz said...
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JT Schultz said...

I love the cover for your upcoming book, very nice.

I am always in the mood for a book that is hot & hilarious. Suspense, paranormal or straight up comedy as long as the hero and heroine steam and bring me to laugh, it's all good.

Stacy S said...

That's a great cover. Right now I'm in the mood for some mysteries & something funny. I have a huge TBR pile right now but nothing really catching me at the moment.

ilona said...

I have two ways of getting books - the library where I choose by whatever strikes my fancy and bookstores online where I buy things that have been reccomended and I think will interest me.

Currently I am in the mood for Space Opera and am filling the craving by reading Catherine Asaro's 'The Final Key (Saga of the Skolian Empire)'.

Hopefully when I finish it, I will be in the mood to read Harry Potter by J K Rowling or Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan, both of which are on my tbr pile :)

BTW I love the cover picture you show - very sexy and mysterious ;)

Judy F said...

dang it I can't see the cover very well on my computer will have to check it out at work. LOL

Right now I am reading a coupld of quick desire books by Katerine Garbera and Emilie Rose. Great books and I can get through them quickly.

I just finished I'm your Santa. Three wonderful stories.

Also I would recommend that is out now is Helen Kay Dimon's Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy.

Ann M. said...

I'm going to crave a light happy romance after I finish my first Breed series book by Adrian. I do have my TBR pile romance mystery to finish off a trilogy I started over vacation.

What I really want is my box from the States to get here so I can read another trilogy that I'm waiting for the first book to arrive.

Oh.. that cover is gorgeous.

anne said...

I am in the mood for a novel that is set in Europe, Specifically Italy. An engrossing story with all the locales that involve a family saga.

sharon said...

I would love to read a historical mystery that has a cast of unique and fascinating characters who jet all over the world.

ruth said...

A book that can carry me away to another world which is so enticing I lose myself within the pages. Perhaps a suspense or a juicy intriguing mystery.

ellie said...

What I need right now is a lovely novel set in the 1930's that is pure escapism. A book containing vivid descriptions of the countryside in England.

PattiF said...

Love love that cover!

I like to alternate my erotics, comedies and suspense romances, but sometimes I don't have a choice :D

Stacy~ said...

Right now I'm reading a dark historical called "Claiming of the Courtesan". It's really an emotional read, but I'm enjoying it. I had a need to read something darker. Next I think I'll read something hot and sexy, either by HelenKay Dimon or Sylvia Day.

Phyllis said...

Just finished two books for review and intend to read the JR WARD books. I read all genres to keep my mind active. Love the new cover and look forward to reading it.

alissa said...

A 1950's noir novel is my craving now. I long for those nostalgic times so I am completely ready to read that type of story.

pearl said...

An old style romantic suspense taking place in an exotic place such as Spain. Romane, intrigues and travel. What a great combo.

DianneCastell said...

So glad you all like the cover! You all made my day. Thanks!
Looks like everyone is in the mood for a huge variety of books.

Summer is great reading time. Wish we could stop time and it always be summer. Maybe I need to move to Fla. :-)
Hugs, Dianne

Judy F said...

ok now I see the cover. Love it.

Amy S. said...

Right now, I'm in the mood for a very good contemporary book.

Anonymous said...

love the cover.

Jodi said...

Great cover! I just finished Voyeur by Lacey Alexander. Wow! It was hot! I'm currently reading Unexpected by Lori Foster.
I usually buy books when I see an auto-buy author on the shelf.

annie said...

A contemporary story which has flashbacks and undertones would suit me right now.