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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I got home from RT Sunday afternoon. I kept dozing on the plane. The embarrassing kind of dozing where your head falls forward and you jerk it back up, but staying up for the Dorchester party was sooooo worth it. They know how to put on a party!!!!

I love RT. I always feel like it's a bonding of women. There are no lines separating authors from readers when you're on the dance floor. RT is exactly as it says--a celebration of women (and men) coming together to celebrate the romance genre.

The cover models aren't bad, either. YES! I admit it---I drooled along with everyone else!!! And yes, I danced with Chris and had my picture taken with Travis and....okay, we won't talk about that other little incident LOL

One of the highlights of RT for me is seeing old friends. Yeah, we talk on line but it isn't the same as laughing your butt off with Billie Jo and her sister, Yvonne. Or Danny with her chocolate bar she gives me every year. German chocolate is soooo good! And all the new faces! New friends!

I debated on going next year--but after the first day, I knew I'd be at RT in 2008. I hope to see you there!
Karen Kelley
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Billie Jo said...

Hey Karen!!

Glad to see you are home safe and sound. If it is any consolation, I was also doing the "embarrassing sleep" on the plane too.

I had an absolute blast with everyone. But I have to tell you, I keep chuckling from all the laughing we did!

And you are right let's not talk about "the embarrassing moment". I am so hoping those pictures do not come out...LOL!

Nana Nana Boo Boo
Billie Jo

Karen Kelley said...

Oh, God, me too!!!! There should be a law against cameras at conventions! LOL

I was laughing so hard my head would start feeling as though it was going to explode! And I've been so hoarse!!!

Glad y'all made it home okay. We're already planning next year.

Billie Jo said...

LMAO...I don't like cameras! They can get you in


How's the trampolene?

OH NO not next year. I am still trying to recoup from last week.

Billie Jo

Karen Kelley said...

Alas, the trampoline is no more. I ate and drank too much at RT and when I jumped off the dresser and landed on it butt first, it colapsed. I'll have to try the swing~~~ahhhhh---AHHHHHH----ahhhhh. Okay, that sounded more like Tarzan than Jane. What can I say, I'm still hoarse from yelling---Take it off---Take it all off!!!!

Stacy~ said...

Wow, it sounds like you guys really had fun LOL. Can't wait to see "those" pictures. You'll share, right Karen & Billie Jo?

Billie Jo said...


OMG you are killing me here! LMAO!
Did you ever pay for David Martin? hahahahahahaha


I'm sorry Stacy, but my mom never taught me how to OH I sooo hope those pictures do not get out!

We had a blast last week.

Billie Jo

Lisa F. said...

We know you guys had a blast, and if you need to share those pictures so we can have a blast too.

Glad you are all safely home!

Sasha White said...

Hey Karen!! It was great to see you at RT, and I agree. a true bonding experience. I loved it!!

Judy F said...

I must go to one of these. I think there must be $$$$ in blackmail. LOL

Sounds like you all had fun.

Dannyfiredragon said...

Karen and Billie Jo,

I got some great pics of you and I will post them as soon as I am fit again. I caught a nasty flu bug on the return flight from Atlanta and now I am down with fever.

Can't wait to see you again in Pittsburgh next year