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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Morning!

I'm going to Scarborough Faire Sunday in McKinney, Texas. If you've never been to a Renaissance Faire and love that time period then you've been missing out. I love feeling as though I'm stepping back in time and all the little shops. Plus, I need a day away from the computer! And if there's shopping involved, even better.

My signing check will be here this week. Yea! My credit card companies are going to hate me. I have an evil plan in the works. I'm going to pay them off this year, then get rid of all but two. I figured up what I pay in interest alone and I was shocked. I could almost make my monthly car payment for what I pay. That's terrible! So that's a new goal of mine.

I have a lot of goals. I lost thirty pounds and started feeling sassy and skinny! Oh, yeah! I'm one hot mama!!! Well, I was starting to think I was. Then my wonderful son and future d-i-l send me a dozen roses for mother's day (and a box of candy!). I got all dressed up in a new black and white polkadot skirt and top and had Karl take my picture. In one, I sat in an antique red velvet chair, held the vase of flowers, and looked down upon them. A true Southern Belle.

Then Karl downloaded the pictures.

I looked like a huge banquet table draped in a polkadot tablecloth with flowers in the center. OHMYGOD!!! I deleted all the sitting down pictures. My sassy, hot mama feeling went out the window. I realized just because I felt better, I couldn't slack up on watching what I eat and exercising. I still need to lose 100 pounds. My other goal.

I got my new title for my Feb. 2008 release. This is the second in my alien series. Another romantic comedy. It was titled The XXX Files. I was afraid it was a little too "hot" for marketing when I was told they were going to change it. So my editor calls me and says she has the new title. Drum roll~~~Cosmic Sex~~~ I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I do write hot love scenes so it fits.

But can you see me (I live in the Bible belt) at a signing and they announce it over the loudspeaker: Karen Kelley will be signing her new release, Cosmic Sex. That should prove interesting.

Okay, I have a book due next month so I'm off to immerse myself in a make-believe world. Oh, wait, I'm already there!

Karen Kelley
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Ann M. said...

"Cosmic Sex" is more acceptable than XXX Files? :)

Wow... congrats on your weight loss. I've got to get back on my exercise program and reading your post has really encouraged me.

A day away from the computer is great as long as you don't try to read all the posts that you miss. :)

Karen Kelley said...

HI Ann!
Thanks for stopping by. Actually, I thought (what I get for thinking) that The XXX Files might be too racy. I need to quit thinking and just write LOL

I'm trying to be good as far as the dieting goes, and I am pretty much sticking to less calories BUT I hate to exercise!!!!


L:isa F. said...

Karen, you crack me up! I like the new title better. When I hear XXX Files, my first thought is comics.

And major congrats on the thirty pounds. It's so hard to loose and so terribly unfair at how easy it is to gain. Just like money, hard to earn but easy to spend.

Have a great time at the festival.

Judy F said...

congrats on the weight loss I need to lose a ton myself.

I like the new title too

Stacy~ said...

Way to go on the weight loss Karen. It's not easy, so I commend you on what you've lost. Good for you.

Knowing what you write, nether title bothered me, though, you could have fun with sexy sci-fi titles: Sex Wars, The Emperor's Sexy Back (you have to know the Justin Timberlake song), Return of the Hottie, ET: Phone Sex.

Oooookay, time for some caffeine...