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Monday, May 14, 2007

Moms who Read

Okay, this is a day late as I couldn't get into blogger. My brain is mush! :-) Humm...wonder who taught James here how to read?? And look what he's reading. :-)

It’s Mother’s Day and we all owe our mom’s a ton for everything they’ve done for us. Some mom’s are better then others, of course, but all have some good qualities. And, I’m just willing but bet, since you all are here reading this, that your mom promoted reading in some way or another. You saw her read and you picked it up.

There are all kinds of reading. I never saw my mom read a book in her life, but she did read the newspaper front to back and memorized the stock market page...not that we ever had any stock. I ended up working in the market and have always, always read the newspaper.

As for me as a mom I didn’t read books a lot when the kids were little...didn’t have the time with four little ones running around the house. But then they got a bit older and I found a time. In fact, it was my oldest daughter, Emily, who got me reading romances. At thirteen she tossed me a dog-eared Harlequin and said read this. I can still remember it, Hard Bargain. Steamy stuff. Then she told me it had been passes around the eighth grade class as a “supplement” to their sex-ed class.

But the point is, my kids have always seen me reading something and since I was a teacher I taught them to read. Seemed much too important a task to leave to a teacher who may or may not be any good at this.

So, the question today is... What did/does your mother read? What do you remember seeing her read? And do you read the same thing? Is she the one who got you reading romance?

Have a great day and if you are lucky enough to still have you mom around, I’m jealous.

Hugs, Dianne


lamclane said...

My hat goes off to moms who read!

My own mother wasn't a reader but made sure that I always had plenty of books for my reading pleasure. Thanks mom :-)

Janice Maynard said...

My mom was too busy to read with four kids, but I know she read to us!

And I also had a wonderful great aunt who let me read anything on her bookshelf!


Stacy~ said...

I got my love of reading romances from my mom - started off with those Harlequins. She doesn't read them now, but she loves to read medical journals and now with the internet, she does her medical "research" online LOL

jackietoo said...

My Mother was a reader (She loved "True Story" magazine. Remember those?)but my Father was not. All my sisters and I read but my brothers don't. Hmmm...a little gender thang going on there? LOL

Judy F said...

oh my mom was a reader. She started me out on Victoria Holt and some mysteries too. I blame it all on her.LOL

Jodi said...

My used to read romances all of the time. I can't say that I got my love of romances from her, but I'm glad that she read and always made sure we read books too.

Ann M. said...

I feel like you do with having dads around.

My mom loves reading biographies. I never saw her reading a lot when I was growing up. She and I did spend time in the evening when she would read Little Women to me. It was our time. I was also given her Nancy Drew books.

I was always given books for presents.

She reads much more now that she is retired.

Lisa F. said...

I'm fortunate to have my mom still with me, and she only lives about 5 minutes from us.

From the time I can remember, she would read cookbooks from front to back. To this day, we always give her cookbooks. She also read some Christy books - I think they are inspirational fiction.

Sheila said...

I got my love of reading from my mom. Every night when I was younger she would read to us before bed.