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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Karl and I are notorious for getting lost. I had a booksigning in Dallas once so we left 3 hours early and barely got there on time. We are so directionally challenged.

We bought a Garmin Friday when we were in Wichita Falls. I told Karl I'd drive home, which is about 20 miles, while he did the initial hook up. I wanted to see how well it worked. So anyway, we get it all fixed up and we're ready to use it. This is too cool. This really nice woman came over the little device and told me when to get off the highway, then she told me to turn onto the street that would take me home.

Except they closed off part of the street so it's quicker to go another way. So I did.

Then this really snotty woman came over the Garmin and said "reconfiguring". Then she told me to turn on Spring street, but I always turn on Crafton----so I did. Then the snotty bitch said "reconfiguring" again. Karl asked if I was going to let her talk to me like that.

I gave her the finger.

Yeah, I'm one tough mama. LOL

As long as she gets me where I'm going, I don't care that a computer generated voice gets pissed at me. I think this must be the revenge of the computer geeks. I can hear them now---yeah, if they screw up, lets tell them they screwed up. Even better if a man is driving! It will be worse than having his wife sitting in the passenger seat!

Seriously, I think we're going to love the Garmin. I know I feel more confident about driving to one of the bigger towns now.

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Have a great day!
Karen Kelley
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Jules Bennett said...


That lady can get pretty snotty. I honest to God found myself arguing with her one time. I didn't look stupid at all:)

But, in a pinch, I suppose she comes in handy.


Angela James said...

I visited Georgia two weeks ago and got to borrow a Garmin. I blogged about how much I loved it, enough that I've been shopping for one. It got us to every destination we needed to go in an unknown town without a hitch. They're awesome! The person I borrowed mine from calls hers "The Bitch" and "the naggigator" lol, it sounds like you experienced the why of those nicknames ;)

Karen Kelley said...

LOL Y'all are so funny! We've used it once and I'm alrewady talking back to her! LOL

Naggigator---love it!

Laurie D. said...

I am navigationally challenged - I should ask for one of these systems for my birthday this summer! My boss has one and used it when we went to a client's house one afternoon - he knew where the client lived, but was just checking it out - decided to go a different way and had his system terrible confused. I think the thing had flatlined by the time we reached the client's house!

Judy F said...

I had never heard of this. But then again i usually don't have trouble with directions.

I talk back to voice responce units when I call insurance companies. Some are so sensitive to other noices, the lady that sits behind me will cough and the lady will say " sorry I didn't catch that" lol My favorite is when you say something and they repeat it back and its wrong and you say so, they go my mistake. LOL

DianneCastell said...

I need one of those GPS things implated in my brain. I always get lost. Can't shop Target, can't find my way out. It's the scary truth.

Karen Kelley said...

laurie d, ha, that's funny. Wonder if it will help that Karl's a licensed paramedic? Maybe he can resiscitate it. LOL

Judyf--lol---you're bad, girl!!!

Dianne--you know, I can actually picture that---LOL!!!!!

Cryna said...

This is something that I have not heard of, but I could certainly use one of. I am so challenged with finding my way, especially since I have problems telling my right from my left.......and please don't give me the directions of North, South, etc. because then I am really clueless.

Jodi said...

We recieved a Garmin for Christmas from my in-laws. We love it. We use it all of the time to find restaurants, shopping, etc. My parents liked it so much that they bought one too.
We're guilty of turning a different way just to "mess" it up.