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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


HI Everyone!

Have you ever gotten those tingles when you know something good is about to happen? I have a friend who says meditating makes you more aware of psychic abilities even if it's just listening to the "tingles". Meditating helps you to become more aware of what's going on that you might not otherwise see or hear. Developing your sixth sense, so to speak.

Once I had a bad feeling. I was walking through the kitchen and when the feeling washed over me, I stumbled. I knew without a doubt that I had a rejected manuscript in the mailbox. As soon as the feeling hit me, I thought to myself, no way. Not that I thought I was the worlds greatest writer or anything, but I'd sent it to Silhouette and I figured I wouldn't hear anything for several months. It had only been gone 6 weeks. Well, it was out there, and it had been rejected. Side note: Kensington bought this book in three days when I mailed it to them and I got a lot of fantastic fan mail on my first published book: Bachelor Party. It was a Precious Gem.

I think I've mentioned having "feelings" before in a blog. I wondered if anyone knows how to further develop your psychic energy other than meditating. If you do, let me know really fast because we're going to a casino Friday to see Jeff Foxworthy and y'all know I have to play the slots just a little. LOL

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind has gotten some great reviews!!!! Yea! If y'all buy it, please e-mail me and let me know what you think. It comes out April 1st or thereabouts. Okay, I'm going shopping. We need new blinds in the den, but I'll stop back by this afternoon and read your comments.

Y'all have a fun day!
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Joni said...

I'm not sure about what else you can do other than meditating to enhance your inner-being or sixth sense. Deep breathing exercises help I've found to calm the heart rate and allow extra oxygen into the blood stream. I've learned it's best not to worry about something out of your control until you have to. It reduced my blood pressure tremendously when I learned to just let go! As for how well your manuscripts are received, as you know...different strokes for different folks. Where it was ill-received by one may be well-received by another! So it's best not to spread yourself too thin in any particular area of your life! Keep up the great work! I so love your style!

LuAnn McLane said...

I think that what we often think of as a hunch or instinct is really tapping into something deeper. I just think that we don't open ourselves to this sort of thinking and miss so much.

Oh I love Blue Collar Comedy! Jeff Foxworthy will be a hoot! Have fun and good luck :-)

Patty L. said...

I believe in being able to sense the future. If that wasn't true how would you explain de ja vu. I don't know what makes you able to get in touch with that side of your mind, but I know it always hits me at odd times.

Karen Kelley said...

I think I'm going to meditate more before we leave. LOL Maybe I'll hit another jackpot. I think that might have been a once in a lifetime deal :)

I do believe there's more in this life, though.

Jodi said...

I don't think I can help with the slots, but I will say a few prayers that you hit another jackpot!
Have fun!

Stacy~ said...

Have a fabulous time Karen.

I can't think of anything that's been as striking as your rejected manuscript situation, but I truly believe in trusting my instincts about people or places. Maybe LuAnn is right that we don't really let ourselves go and explore why we feel the way we do because it seems too fantastic to be believed.

Have fun at the slots - big money, big money!

Tempest Knight said...

Last night I suddenly felt my temperature rise and my heart thumping faster. I felt this sense of desperation yet I was doing nothing but sitting before the computer. I recognized it as a "bad feeling," and I was right. I found an email from my best friend telling me she's getting divorced.

Lisa F. said...

I think we are just too busy in our everyday lives to focus our thoughts deep enough to tap into all our brains are capable of achieving.

By the way, I received CEOTSK over the weekend and hope to start it tomorrow. (Fingers crossed that nothing unexpected happens to change that)