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Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Oh, LORD! What a boring subject!!!! And what the hell do I know about technology---about enough to fill a thimble! I mean, my 12 year old granddaughter put up a MySpace for me in half a day and I'd been struggling for weeks! I still can't get it to verify my address so if you friended me and then I ignored you that's the reason. We're going to San Antonio this weekend and I'll get her to show me all the neat stuff and fix my little problem.

But what are they teaching these kids nowadays? When I was in school, you couldn't even take typing until the 10th grade! There were no computers, either. God, I feel so old!

Well, actually I don't. I still feel young--except that my knees pop and I can't turn a cartwheel, but then I never could. I never managed a hula-hoop, either. Those were so frustrating!

I'm digressing.

Technology is so confusing. I'm thinking about taking a course--in something. Trial by error only creates more chaos and confusion and usually locks up my computer.

I just bought a new wireless keyboard and mouse. My hand will be halfway across the pad but the little arrow on the computer screen is still in the same spot. I've thought of many things I could do with the little mouse and not a one has to do with anything technical!

And another complaint I have is with Yahoo! It bounces me at least every couple of days. What's going on???? Okay, do you want to vent today? Complain about anything and everything technical? Well here's your chance to let it out!!! I will be able to feel your pain!!!!

Otherwise, have a good day and thanks for stopping by :)
Karen Kelley
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LuAnn McLane said...

Karen I'm trying to learn how to text I was so proud of myself for texting OK to my daughter and she didn't even think it was me!

I'm so bad at all of this stuff. Remote controls... cell phones! My new heat pump is digital and I have such a hard time setting the heat! I want an old fashioned dial and not all of this complicated setting a temp for the day that changes at night or when I'm away and all that stuff LOL

Cryna said...

I hate the technical stuff, because I cannot get a handle on it.

LuAnn I smiled when you said about the digital temperature....when they installed my new furnace the guy said to me you have F and C on here. I said okay set it to F.....that I understand. I am sorry I just cannot get a handle on the C thing. I may have just a mental block, but after all these years that we have had C here you would think I would be used to it. Nope!!

There are so many new fangled gadgets that I have problems with. And I am really, hesitatant to download any programs on the computer, because I have such a knack of messing up other things.....

Karen Kelley said...

LuAnn....heat pump. Okay, you might have to explain that one a little more. Said with complete innocence of course.

Ahhh, never mind, Cryna explained it :)

Judy F said...

I text mesg barely. Its funny to watch my niece text a friend while keeping several IM's going on the computer. I can handle one IM. LOL

I have a DVD player that works only on some of the movies I have. I tried to figure it out Sunday and got the screen to roll. That was fun.. LOL

Tempest Knight said...

I became hook on computers since I got on the internet back in 1989. (BTW, I'm in my 40s) Everyone at works thinks I'm a computer freak, but that's not true. Somehow a few things always slip under my nose. However, the computer-major students love me so much, they teach me every thing new. My latest discovery is Torrent to download episodes of shows I don't get to see.

Ann M. said...

Whacks blogspot.

Well.. Yahoo was having major issues with gmail over the weekend. I don't know if you are on gmail.

I told my dh I just wanted the two giants to play nice.

I get along okay with technology but there are times I want to take it and toss it out.

We are really at the point we can't live with it some days but you can't live without it.

Lisa F. said...

I just thank God again for my kids who can tell me what I need to know. Just simple things that make what I do so much easier.

What I really hate is to download something and it asks a question in technical terms like I'm supposed to know what that means or which option to choose. LOL

Or when you type your comment into the blogger and type your word verification, and it either loses your comment to tells you that you typed in the letters incorrectly. Go figure.

Kathy K said...

This can definitely be a hot-button topic.
For the most part, technology and I get along: I'm the VCR / DVD Day / Time programmer, probably 'cause no one else cares.
If there's a little problem with the computer and I'm home alone I'll try restarting it. However, if that doesn't work, I turn the danged thing off and wait for my tech support to get home; namely the DH or one of my tech-savvy kids.
Cell phones? Puhleeeeze! I can dial a number and I can answer the phone, but if I'm supposed to do anything more, uh, sorry I guess I forgot it at home. As for text messaging ~ ACK! I leave that to the DH and our daughters ~ my son knows how to do it, but he's not a big phone-fan to begin with; any kind of phone.

I have my comfort zone and I'm prepared to fight to the um, not death, but I'll fight to maintain my present standards!
So there.... (now all I need to do is stick out my tongue and yell "nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah nyah" . . .) So grown up and befitting a woman in her mid-forties, no? *grin*

Kathy K