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Friday, March 02, 2007


It’s still cold and windy here with snow on the ground, and everything looks tired and worn out. The snow is black and deflated, the grass that’s showing is brown and soggy, the sky is a hazy gray, and I’d rather be anywhere but here. To combat the weather, responsibilities, and life in general, my local writing friends and I have started an annual girl’s sleepover. Yes, I mean grown women having a slumber party like a bunch of 13 years olds, complete with music, munchies, and gossip. Only since we are adults (even when we’re trying hard to forget that fact!) we also add dinner and a Sunday spa visit, with massages, manicures, and pedicures. Husbands and boyfriends raised their eyebrows when we decided to do this for the first time last year. Apparently they think it’s slightly odd that women would want to stay up half the night talking and reading each other’s tarot cards. Frankly, I can’t picture men doing the same. LOL.

But it’s been a fabulous way to step outside out all that life expects of me and hang out with my girlfriends for twenty-four hours. We laugh, we talk, we eat, we drink wine. We worry, we dole out advice, we support each other, we confess. We even watched the Justin Timberlake Sexy Back video and generated theories as to what is actually going on in that- aside from him walking around looking smoldering, sexy, and angry. Which really is all that matters anyway.

So what do you and your friends do to catch up? What special memories of girlfriends and childhood friends do you have?

Raising a glass to all my girlfriends, near and far. Thanks for everything!


Kelley said...

OMG! That sounds like sooo much fun. I think its so important for women to do stuff like that. I need to oraganize it for my friends.

Jodi said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I had close enough friends to do something like this! I'm such a loner! LOL

Lisa F. said...

It's sad to say, but I've grown away from most of my "growing up" friends. And it seems like we are all so busy with our families, work, and other activities that we don't take the time to get together with just the girls. It's always couples or the whole family.

It sounds like you and your friends had a blast getting together.

Judy F said...

Erin that sounds like so much fun.I have made a lot of great friends through the loops I am on and they are a true blessing.

A friend I have been buddies with since high school is Ann. We might not see each other as often as we like but when we do its great. I know I can depend on her for a good ear or a favor or just to be there.

Bookstoredeb said...

Erin, your slumber party sounds awesome. I think we should all be able to indulge like that once in a while.

I'm afraid the closest I have come is bath oil beads in a big tub of water this morning and since I am usually on the run, it felt heavenly!

Have some fun for us too!

Ann M. said...

Ahh.. friends.

Girlfriends. I have two friends who go to Sugarloaf Crafts Fair with. We treat it like a Ladies Night (Day) out. We encourage each other to buy more than we should... try on clothing... look at jewelry and most of all spend time together.

Good friends in general... we have proof that we have great friends. Without them our son would never have made it through his travel debacle on Friday and would not be arriving here to day for a week visit.

We (dh and I) just sent a mushy email about it takes a village to raise a child (at least a community of good friends).