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Friday, January 06, 2006

Winter blahs

Do you all get the blahs after Christmas? I LOVE Christmas... dread once it's over.

January is like the longest, most depressing month. had something to look forward to... release of the latest book from my fave author. IT's called Rebel Ice, written by SL Viehl. I loved it... hated for it to end... hate that I now have to wait I dunno HOW long for the next one. But now that I've already read the book, devoured it, literally, I'm tapping my fingers and waiting for Valentine's Day.

You wanna know how bored I've been? I've already started compiling receipts, invoices and crud for taxes. Taxes! That is so pitiful.

However, I am trying to make judicious use of my time. Spent quite a bit of time on my current WIP, a paranormal erotic romance contracted with Berkley. And I'm working on the follow up to an EC book, FireWalkers: Dreamer. But it seems a little be harder to get into anything when I'm suffering from blah-dom.

So what's the cure for blah-dom? I've already tried a dentist appointment with my son... gee, now that was fun. And I've hit the doctor myself. Obviously, visiting the doctor isn't a cure for blah-dom. A trip to someplace sunny and warm might help. It's been so overcast here, it's depressing. But I don't think I can justify a three week trip to the beach simply because I hate January.

Maybe the best cure is to attack my TBR pile. It's humongous.

What do you do when you're that bored?


DianneCastell said...

I agree about January!
I think the cure is for us all to go to Fla.
But, since we can't do that there's always good movies out there...going to see Casanova tomorrow...taking daughter is dong that...joining Weight Watchers...that would be about the rotten weather...that would be me again...get pregnant...that is SO NOT ME.
Good luck.

Shiloh Walker said...

don't say FLORIDA.... lol... I want some sun and warm weather. thinking about it is torture!

jamie said...

I'll be dreaming about a Florida vacation, and in between I'll be reading and writing, and enjoying a daily dose of hotties

Judy F said...

Oh sunny florida sounds nice or maybe Aruba... LOL I wish. Reading works for me.

snowflake said...

Hon, I suggest a nice hot bath followed by a massage by your dh and you can return the favor *g* I also find facials at a professional salon very rejuvenating. Alternatively, watch the LOTR back to back and drool over Arwen and Viggio.

Cryna said...

I agree that January comes with the blahs, but this year it seems more so, because it is so dark when you get up in the mornings, and seems to get dark so soon at night - I don't know about elsewhere but here by around 4:30 it is getting dark enough that you have to have a light on to read.....which is depressing.

I like to curl up on the bed or in the recliner and read and heaven knows I have enough reading material to keep me going for quiet some time, and just keep adding to it. But a nice cup of coffee, a good book you can get into and let the rest of the world go for me. Although a trip would be a nice thing as well.

Stacy ~ said...

I was just in Denver for a week where they had sun and temps in the 60's, so I was not bored or depressed. Now that I'm home, the remedy is to catch up on my reading, including RT magazine, which gets me happy thinking of all those new books, enjoying Judy F's hotties (which can be done all year long!) and consider taking a Jan/Feb cruise. I've always wanted to go to Aruba....

Billie Jo said...

My cure for boredom is to grab a glass of wine, candles and head upstairs to take a nice hot bath with a good book for an hour.

I come back down and am all refreshed and ready to tackle my kids - lol.

Billie Jo

Janice Maynard said...

I have always said January is my least favorite month. I try to cheer myself up by reading good books and maybe getting some things organized.

Taking down the decorations is the worst!

Michelle B said...

I tend to feel blah in January too, though I can't blame the weather as it's usually pretty nice here in Southern California. I think I just get sad after spending so much time around my family and then having to leave and be by myself again. I miss the familiar surroundings and the cats and all that. Once school or work starts, I keep busy and don't dwell on it so much though.

Lisa F. said...

Unfortunately, I tend to snack when I'm bored or stressed. This year, after all the decorations were packed away and I found places to put all the new stuff, I decided to start redecorating. I'm in the process of stripping the wallpaper in my bathroom so I can paint. And it's not going very quickly. The paper comes down fine, but the glue part is staying on the wall. What a mess! And now that I've started it, I can't just walk away. But this easy project that I anticipated has turned into a nightmare and it's taking us lots of my reading time.