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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Sexiest Man in 2005

Besides the men we have to list: husband, lover....Who is the sexiest man from 2005. I have to say thet Johnny Depp still rocks my world. Oh, yeah! All he has to to do is crook his little finger and I'd do the Depp. There's something about him. Dark, mysterious---okay, forget the Chocolate Factory. The only thing that looked good in that movie was the chocolate!

Johnny Baby, you got to listen to me here, don't do a movie like that again. You went from Sex Symbol to---dare I say it---GEEK!!!! Thank goodness you have your next Pirate movie coming out. Definitely a Bad Boy there!

So, who rocks your world?

If you give it up and tell me who you secretly drool over I'll put your name in a hat for a drawing. Three winners will receive a copy of their choice of either Southern Comfort, Southern Exposure or Bad Boys With Expensive Toys! How cool is that???
Karen Kelley


Billie Jo said...

Hi Karen,

I am with you!! Johnny Depp just curls my toes. The man can eat crackers in my bed anytime, sigh.

He is my all time favorite man, next to hubby.

Billie Jo

Danny said...

Hi Karen,

Johnny Depp is really hot. My personal favorite is Orlando Bloom.

So I am also waiting on the new Pirate movie. LOL

robynl said...

David James Elliott does it for me. There I have gone and admitted it so I guess it's not a secret anymore. I love him in uniform in the show JAG.

Niny said...

I have to say I like JD but the one who really rocks my world besides my DH is Matthew McConnahey (sp) He is so sexy!! I just love all his movies! I dont know what, but there is just something about him that curl my toes! Yummy!! Oh and Im waiting for the Pirates 2!

Cindy said...

Definitely Matthew Maccaughey. *sigh...drool*


Cindy said...

And I can't spell today. *roll eyes*

So, let's try this again. LOL
Matthew McConaughey. *g*


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Matthew McConaughey

Had tried to post this some time ago, but needed your help on how to do it. Many thanks.


Jennifer Y. said...

Ooh good question. Well, there are a few...

Johnny Depp (didn't see Chocolate Factory, but he kind of creeped me out in the commercials LOL)

Matthew McConaughey

Hugh Laurie (from House...not sure why)

Patrick Dempsey (although every time I see him on Grey's Anatomy I think of his movie "Can't Buy me Love")

Clive Owen

There are just so many to choose from it makes it hard to pick.

-Jennifer Y.

Lisa Freeman said...

For a classic man, I would have to say Sean Connery. He will never go out of style. And do you remember Harrison Ford's smile in Raiders of the Lost Arc?

I think Tim McGraw has a super sexy chest and Matthew McConnahey has sexy eyes.

Judy F said...

so many men so little time... I wish...

Lets see, in no order:
James Denton
Oded Fehr
Jon Bon Jovi
Matthew McConaughey

Ok back to work.

jamie said...

Goodness, my list is pretty extensive. I agree with all of the names listed so far, but I'm going to add Thorsten Kaye (Zach on AMC) as my most recent fantasy guy. That voice, that beard shadow and oh, those eyes - I melt every time.

bkwrm26 said...

Sean Connery as Bond, James Bond
Vin Diesel (sp)yummy yummy
Harrison Ford and who could forget Sam Elliot

snowflake said...

Hi Karen, I have the hots for Colin Firth and Hugh Jackman. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be in the shower with either one of them. *g*

Cryna said...

Okay I would say Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, and Patrick Swayze......they are the ones to come to mind first for me......

Stacy~ said...

Sorry, I can't pick just one cuz there's a hottie for every moment - LOL. My recent obsession is Nathan Camp, a book cover model, but Johnny Depp is always near the top of my list. Those brown eyes and good looks, wow, he is hot.

Jimmy Wayne is a soulful country singer that I adore. And you can't forget Keith Urban. Speaking of Australians - Hugh Jackman. Matthew M. has that sexy grin and that accent - yummy. JBJ is the hot rocker I've had a crush on since I was 12 and now, 22 years later, he is still just as sexy. Denzel Washington is the good-looking older man who is awesome in everything he does, and he also has amazing brown eyes. Judy mentioned Oded Fehr - wow was he the sexy, mysterious warrior in the Mummy movies. Clive Owen in "Arthur". Colin Firth in "Pride & Prejudice". Collin Farrell & LL Cool J in "S.W.A.T." Someone mentioned Thorsten Kaye. He played an Irishman named Patrick in the soap "One Life to Live" who was just the sexiest guy around. Now he was what romance novels were written about.

I've pretty much covered most of them - LOL. It's hard to pick just one.

Lori said...

I would have to say Johnny Depp...there is just something about that guy that makes my toes curl. I, also, really like Matthew McConnahey. He is just so darn cute.

Karen Kelley said...

Okay, I'm adding to my list! Lori, you DON'T like Johnny Depp???? For Shame, girl! LOL.

Okay, your name will still go in the hat with the others. Probably because Matthew McConnahey is another fav of mine. It's that slightly husky voice of his. Yum! I read somewhere that he got into trouble for being naked and playing his bongos. I think the neighbor could see him. Shoot, I'd have been selling tickets!

Karen Kelley said...

ooops, misread your post, Lori. Just too darn early in the morning. LOL I need coffee!

Juliet said...

Hmm, difficult choice, I think I'll pick Heath Ledger, and mention that I find him more atractive and misterious with dark hair. He remembers me of Johnny Depp when he was younger, just wait some years and you'll see :o)

Clive Owen (I think he is one of the reasons I love Gosford Park so much).

And of course Johnny Depp. I have been a fan since he was in 21 Jump Street and like good wine he only gets better with age :)


bkwrm26 said...

Ohhhh I forgot Mark Harmon from NCIS mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm

Jana said...

okay....I adore Matthew McConnahey! He's a honey of the first order. But I admit that I love the country singer Keith Anderson. He's a nice size lad & dimples, great is he fine!

Jodi said...

I think Matthew McConaughey and Tim McGraw are hot.

Karen Kelley said...

and the winners are~~~~drum roll~~~~
Billy Jo
Little Lamb Lost

Send your snail mail address to and one of the three books listed and I'll get them mailed to you! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

MM is absolutely thee hottest, sexiest man I haveever seen. He is the epitome of "sex".