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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A New Year

How is everyone doing on their New Year's Resolutions? I'm really trying harder this year, but 2006 is really making it difficult for me. Okay, it started in 2005 because that's when I decided I would lose weight this year. Maybe that's the problem. Never start New Year's resolutions until the new year begins.

Anyway, I wrenched my back and stopped exercising. Lots of Ibuprofen and a week or so later and 7 pounds heavier, I began again. Hey, someone had to clear all the leftovers out of the house.

I think that's where I've gained all my weight over the years, by the way. Have you ever decided you were going to start a diet but first you have to get rid of all the goodies? I always gain at least 5 pounds because there is no way those Twinkies are going in the trash! Nope, not in my house.

Okay, so I get started on counting points again. Three days later I fall. This is so not fair! My leg is still swollen, bruised and I'm back on Ibuprofen. I'm thinking maybe I'm not meant to lose weight. Then I watched a motivational speaker and he said we are what we think. He got my attention.

Have you ever put fat pictures on your fridge? I have. How depressing. It's enough to make me want to--eat. Think positive was the bottom line to what he had to say. Think positive and you create inner energy that will help you reach your goals--whatever they might be. Meditate every day and picture what you want in life. Let me know if it works for you.

Ypm-da-da-da....hmmmmmmm....Johnny Depp wants me so much.......yom-da-da-da....

Okay, maybe it won't work EVERY time. If anyone does meditate or have ever thought about trying it, let me know your thoughts.


jamie said...

Karen, I can so understand. I've struggled with my weight my whole life, you just sort of wonder how it gets away from you, don't you? I had success w/ Weight Watchers once, lost 40 pounds in 2 months, but I did gain it back eventually. The thing I've learned and had to accept is that nothing will help until you truly make up your mind that this is the time to do whatever it is you want to do. Try not to get discouraged. I know it will work out for you! Good luck!

LuAnn McLane said...

Yeah I've always had to watch what I eat. I slimmed down in high school but four babies had me overweight and frumpy for a long time until I was asked to be in a wedding and I finally slimmed down again. But the last four years of writing has taken its toll and I need to lose 20 pounds. Ten would get me back into most of my clothes so of course I've started the year off being a good girl but how long will I last?? With RT being in Daytona this hear I'm setting my goal for May....ten pounds or a dress size which ever comes first.


Judy F said...

I need to do something with my weight. It ddpresses me to try on pants anymore. I am slowly getting in the grove to diet.

Cryna said...

I always have good intentions of losing weight, but it always fall to the side. I know my Mom asked me the other day, are you losing weight and I told her it must be the clothes I was wearing, because I did not think I was. She said well what does the scales say, and I said, I do not get on the scales it is way too depressing.

I guess the long and short of it is that I know I could stand to lose 10 pounds, and I will get motivated to do it one day......I know I will, what I have learned is that putting it on is so much easier than taking it off and keeping it off.

I wish us all good luck in this New Year to attain our goals.

Stacy ~ said...

I've been lucky in the sense that I'm okay with my weight. But I have a lot of other issues that I really need to work on - like being more healthy, being more giving and less selfish, and being less jealous of other people's successes. Some of these are real struggles, and then I get so mad at myself for being so self-absorbed.

As far as the weight issue, a few things that I think have worked in my favor, even though it's not something I consciously have to watch, is that 1) if I'm upset/stressed, I can't eat. I'm sick to my stomach and food is the last thing on my mind. Not that I get stressed a lot, but I know people who eat a lot when they are upset. That's never been something I've had to struggle with. 2) I prefer liquids to food. I have bottled water, coffee, pop, etc at my desk instead of snacks, and I chew gum a lot, too. (Hate bad breath, even my own). But despite this, I have horrible eating habits and eat a lot of junk food. I do think it's important to be healthy, no matter what your weight.

I'll be honest - I thought Star Jones looked a lot better before she lost all her weight. But if she's healthier than she was, that's what's more important. A lot of people who are thin smoke instead of eat, and I think that's worse. But that's never been a habit I've picked up - one look at my mother convinced me that I do not want to end up looking like her - LOL.

I'm hoping you all succeed with whatever your goal is, and please know I'm here to lend support, just as you all have for me when I've needed it. I think having friends/family support you makes it easier to achieve anything.

Lisa F. said...

No meditating for me unless you want to call it prayer.

We cleaned out most of the leftover goodies between Christmas and New Year's, but I still find myself snacking. Ten pounds off would put me back in most of my pants, but I would really like to lose 20, and then keep it off. I plan to just take it one day at a time and try to be careful at each meal.

Good luck and I hope your back heals quickly.

snowflake said...

Karen, I could lose 10 pounds myself. I've never tried meditation except as make-believe when I was young. LOL I think the key is to have a powerful vision that you believe in and meditation is just one way of helping you to focus on it. As you have deduced, the trick to not snacking is not to keep any at home. Good luck with your dieting.

Billie Jo said...

Hi Karen,

I can't say how everyone feels about losing weight, because I have never had to worry about it.

But I used to meditate (pre-kids) and it is nice to start the morning off being centered, so to speak. It can help you get motivated and help the inner part of you that needs encouragement.

I loved it.

Billie Jo