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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Peanut Butter and Sugar!

Peanut Butter and Sugar! 

Howdy Peeps!
Today I want to talk about how you personally get through the crappy times. What do you do to escape for a bit when you feel like your head is ready to explode?

As many of you know, my husband isn’t well and that’s really a bummer but this post is not about sickness, we’ve all have been there and done that ourselves or with loved ones. This is about coping.

What do you do to escape from some crappy thing going on in your life?

Maybe your daughter brought home the biggest looser east of the Mississippi? Or your mother-in-law is coming for a month visit. Or you got the boss from hell. Or you husband just ran off with the cupcake next door?

Whatever it is, we’ve all been through the crappy times and need to get away and regroup so we can go on. I’m not taking about flying off to Vegas...though that would be great...but a little escape time to think about something else besides strangling your doctor, daughter, MIL, boss, husband and cupcake.

I sooooo wish I thought escaping was taking a good long run, working up a good sweat, going to the gym, doing yoga. But, alas, I resort to more basic a jar of peanut butter, the sugar bowl, a big spoon, and reruns of the Gilmore Girls. 

I park my fanny in front of the TV, crank up Stars Hallow, spoon sugar into my pb jar and lose myself for an hour. And for me it works! A little R&R and I can face the world again...least try to.

So, what do you do when you really need to get away from it all?

Hugs, Dianne


Shiloh Walker said...

in times of extreme desperation... ;) chocolate chip cookie dough.

Barb V. said...

I tend to eat lots of junk food and sweets, and go to bed early -- like at 7:30 PM. I also have a good friend at my old place of employment, and talking to her helps. She tells me how horrible work is, and I'm instantly thankful that I am no longer there -- reminds me that things *could* be worse.

Judy F said...

Any form of chocolate. Reading helps, sometimes cleaning gets my mind off things. Emailing good friends.

Anonymous said...

Fastfood and going to be early with a good book.
I like to be alone at times like that and once I am done feeling sorry for myself, I feel much better and look forward to starting a new day once I awake.

Jennifer Y. said...


I read and eat chocolate. Reading is my escape and entertainment.

Jeanette J said...

I lock myself in the bathroom then soak in a bubble bath with lit candles around me and soft music playing...and if that fails...there's always peanut butter cups

Bookstoredeb said...

I usually grab a comfort read off my shelf. If a hot steamy bath is available, and even my favorite chocolates, all the better.

I also stitch when I am too distracted to read. When I was staying with Daddy at the hospital,especially during surgery, I had a hard time concentrating on even the best book, so I needlepointed. Kept my hands and mind busy plus the felt like I was accomplishing a little something.

Hope your hubby gets well soon.

Laurie D. said...

This time of year, I'll turn my electric blanket up nice and toasty and go lay down w/just a t-shirt on - so I can feel the warm flannel sheets on my skin. Doing this with a good book is very relaxing to me and puts me in a good place!

In warmer weather, I'll go sit out on the porch and rock my troubles away.

Jodi said...

I hide in the bathroom while soaking in a hot bubble bath and reading a good book.
Sometimes, I'll go shopping. Not to buy anything, but just to walk around and look.

Brandy said...

Cake with the ooey, gooey buttercream icing. And a good sit down and laugh my butt of book!

Karen W. said...

I read since it's my escape and relaxation. Chocolate doesn't hurt either, though! ;-)

DianneCastell said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who eats junk when going nuts! I am so a stress eater.
I read Janet Evanavith's Metro Girl and that was a nice escape and it was in Miami. Nice and warm.
I wish I did stitching like Laurie. That would be nice. Mostly I bite my fingernails.
Thanks for all the good thoughts about David. He's one of the good guys. A keeper. If you come to the June get-together I'm bringing him along and he can thank you all in person for the prayers.
Hugs, Dianne

Amie Stuart said...

Vegetation in front of the boob tube and like barb, an early bedtime

Ann M. said...

Shi has the right idea. Comfort food - Chocolate.

I also like to curl up with a good book and read.

Since we've moved down under, I've lost my immediate call on the phone support. I've gone to writing emails and skyping (or telephoning on the same continent) your friends really helps.

When I'm really stressed - exercise helps. It tires you out and releases great endorphines.

Cryna said...

I like to get into the comfort foods, and read a book. Reading transport you away from the troubles for a bit, and that is what you need, reality kicks in soon enough again. Good luck Dianne and prayers winging their way to both of you.

Diana said...

Dianne, I'll be keeping you and your husband in my thoughts.

When I'm feeling down, sometimes I'll take a nap, eat, or watch TV. Those are also three activities I really enjoy doing in general. :)

Lis said...

I blare music, amazing how shouting along with some good angry lyrics helps you vent :o)
Chocolate's also good, along with a nice dose of Heath Ledger

Pamk said...

A nice hot bubble bath and a great book. If that doesn't work then it's reese ice cream the whole half gallon and me with a spoon. lol
Hope you hubby gets better asap