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Monday, January 29, 2007

It's football time in Tennessee!

Every fall, our famous local radio announcer gives us that phrase in a booming voice to get our "Big Orange" blood pumping... and though fall is long past, and the game next weekend is NOT in Tennessee, I think all of us Vols are hearing those words in our sleep. :)

I must confess, other than the occasional party, I've never been a rabid Super Bowl fan. But this year all we Tennessee folk will be glued to our TV's watching our local "son", Peyton Manning, lead his impressive team in the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning was a star at the University of Tennessee, and not only for being a mega-talented athlete, but also for being an all-around decent guy. Ten years ago, while he was still a student, he and Coach Phil Fulmer posed for a poster that would benefit Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My hubby was the director of the Friends at the that time, so I got to tag along. It was a picture perfect spring day. We rented horses at Cades Cove and rode six miles up to Spence Field. After a lovely picnic in a movie-worthy setting, Peyton and Phil posed for their photo with the famous peak "Rocky Top" in the background.

The twelve-mile round trip on horseback left an indelible impression on my posterior (ouch!), and since it was my first real horseback ride, the creek crossings were a bit scary, as was almost getting knocked off my horse when she/he decided to lurch sideways under some rhododendron bushes!! But all in all it was such a fun day, and I have lots of great pictures to remember it by.

With our boy Peyton posed for glory next Sunday night, I couldn't resist posting my "claim to fame" photo. :)

Chime in and tell me your SuperBowl plans... or lack thereof!

Janice Maynard

P.S. Play With Me is on the shelves if you're looking for something to read. (Grinning diabolically...)


Tee said...

Hi Janice! I am not a foot ball fan at all! Being that the Lions are my home team that could explain it too. Anyway for all you fans out there I hope you have a great football day. I am sure DH will be watching. As for me, I will be far away from the TV and reading somewhere with peace around me.

Barb V. said...

I am not a football fan, although I have taped the Super Bowl in the past so that I could watch the cool commercials later on without the interuption of the game. How awful that sounds! I am glad that this year will feature two teams that are not the usual players.

And Janice, Play With Me is a super book. I am on my eleventh book for the year, and so far yours is by far the best.

Jodi said...

I'm currently reading Play With Me (the ARC that I won). I keep saying to myself - "Why the heck didn't you read this sooner?"

As for football, I'm a bigger college football fan. I do watch some Pro though. We usually go to my parent's house to watch the game on their big screen. But, I think the commercials are the best part (with the exception of a few of those player's backsides! LOL)

Lisa F. said...

DH will be watching the game and I'll sit in the room with a book and tune in to the commercials. By far the best part of the whole event. Our oldest son might invite several of his friends over - they like our large screen TV. LOL

Kris said...

I read Play with Me this weekend and loved it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Judy F said...

I love football. I am just glad the Patriots didn't make it.

I loved Play with me.

Cryna said...

I watch football when it is the CFL, but truthfully can't say I follow the NFL. Right now I am following the hockey.......LOL

PLAY WITH ME is sooooooo good. You are all going to enjoy it so much.

Diana said...

I am not a football fan (or much of a sports fan, for that matter), so next Sunday will be any ol' day for moi.

Janice, I look forward to reading your new book. :)

Janice Maynard said...

If I didn't know someone who was playing next weekend, I would definitely be in my corner reading a book! It sounds like the weather here is going to be very cold, so maybe we'll just hole up with the hot chocolate and the remote and be cozy.

I drew a number this morning, and Kris winds the bookmarks!

Send me your snail mail address to and I'll get them in the mail.

Thanks, ladies!


Anonymous said...

Go Colts. Peyton is a hottie and a great quarterback.

Helen Westerby said...

Hey!!!! I'm a BEARS fan GO BEARS.....

Tempest Knight said...

I think I'd curl up with a book on my new daybed. :)