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Sunday, December 24, 2006

interview Lucy Monroe!!

Hey Peeps! Merry Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!
Hope you all enjoying family and friends. I want to wish you all a terrific Christmas season and thank you all for the wonderful support. Your enthusiasm for my O'Fallon series overwhelms me. Thanks a bunch!

As a real treat today...

Here is an interview by our own Lucy Monroe. Gives you a chance to see what makes Lucy tick and find out about her great family and faith. Lucy Monroe is a real inspiration and very neat author.

1.) What inspired you to start writing paranormal stories?

I had this scene in my head. It’s the final scene of Ty and Frankie’s story in UNLEASHED. And anyway, I couldn’t let it go. I knew I had to write their story. So, I carved some time out of my writing schedule and did it. Once I got going in their world I realized it was a place I wanted to spend a lot of time and pitched the idea of writing paranormal historical romance to Berkley and my editor was really keen for me to do so and that’s how MOON AWAKENING came about.

2.) Now that you have released books in three different genres, which is your favorite?

I really love them all. Each sub-genre of romance gives me an opportunity to explore different themes, characters and storylines. If I had to give one of them up I’d cry. I really would. LOL

3.) If you could switch places with one of your heroine who would it be and why?

Amanda from The Real Deal, because Simon reminds me so much of my dh and he’s the only man I want to be with. ;-)

4.) What is the most fascinating paranormal creature for you and why?

Definitely the shapechanger because there’s this wonderful mix of human sophistication and the primitive. My alpha hero has a reason for being so instinctive and not always led by logic. My heroine can be stronger physically than normal and still vulnerable to her mate. It’s all just very delicious to me.

5) Lucy, are you going to write any more historicals?

My current plan is to write historical paranormals. However, I do have one last straight historical release to be published by a smaller press at the end of next year. Annabelle’s Courtship is about a feisty bluestocking and the rather clueless (but incredibly sexy) Scottish nobleman that decides she’ll make the perfect wife.

6) How do you juggle the diff genres that you write?

I try to take some time off between each book, though that doesn’t always work. The hardest thing to juggle is time spent promoting the books, not the writing itself. I’m always telling stories in my head and writing them is such a joy to me – but the business side of writing can overwhelm me sometimes.

7) How many hours a day do you write? How many hours do you devote to promo?

Not enough any more and too many. Not kidding.

8) What does your family think of your writing?

They’re very supportive and proud of me. It’s an absolute blessing!

9) What is the thing you love most about writing? What do you like least?

I love most spending time with my characters and seeing their stories unfold in my head. I like least not having enough hours in the day to write all the stories I want to.


Cryna said...

Merry Christmas to Everyone.

Thank you for the great interview Dianne, and thanks Lucy for taking time out of your very busy schedule and sharing yourself with us. Loved the interview, and look forward to your new releases next year.

Judy F said...

Hi Lucy... Thanks to you and Dianne for a wonderful interview. I can't wait till your next book comes out.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Kris said...

Hi Lucy, thanks for doing the interview it was great. I love your books. Have great Christmas.

Michelle B said...

Howdy Lucy! Great to see you here at Vamps and Scamps. Hope you're doing well. Thanks to both Lucy and Dianne for doing the interview:)

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season in general!

Stacy~ said...

Great interview ladies. Lucy, we miss you! I know you're busy, and that's great, but it's not the same when you're M.I.A.

Happy holidays to you all - and here's to a happy and healthy New Year.

Lisa F. said...

Thanks for the interview! I love your books and have Unleashed in the TBR stack. Historicals are certainly not my favorites, but I did enjoy reading your series.

Estella said...

Great interview, ladies.
Happy Holidays!

DianneCastell said...

Thanks, everyone, for joining in the interview at this busy time of year! I hope we can all squeeze in a little reading...helps keep us from going nuts.
Have a good day.

Kelley said...

Great interview, ladies!! Thanks to Dianne for getting it together and to Lucy for answering all the questions!!

Hope you all had a blessed holiday!!