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Friday, June 23, 2006

Immortal Love?

I have a July 1 deadline on my third vampire book and I’m cruising along, heading towards the end when I realized… I never actually thought of an ending. LOL. I assumed I’d figure that out when I got there, but I’m almost at the end and I’ve got nothing. Not a clue. Part of the challenge of a vampire book, and part of what makes them so romantic, is that someone has to give up their life as they know it to be with the other character. It’s the ultimate sacrifice. So help me out here… whether you read vampire books or not, do you think by the end of the story:

Hero and heroine should both be immortal (eternal love)?

Hero and heroine could both be mortal?

One could be mortal and one immortal?

Do you think a character who becomes immortal during the book should choose it, or be forced to via circumstances? (Like the heroine got shot by thugs so vampire hero turned her)

Take pity on my husband and help me out here… he says he’s worn out discussing vampire ethics with me, especially since they, um, don’t exist. :-D


Billie Jo said...

Hey Erin!

Hero and heroine should both be immortal (eternal love)?

Why does it have to be that way? I would love to see one stay a vamp and the other a mortal. After all they fell in love with each other by being who they are.

One could be mortal and one immortal? Definitely!!!

Do you think a character who becomes immortal during the book should choose it, or be forced to via circumstances? (Like the heroine got shot by thugs so vampire hero turned her)

Hmmm...tough question! I guess it would depend on the plot of the story. If it is at the end, then something has to give. I think he/she should choose it, not be forced into it. Or, how about we stay with your theory of the question and the h/h are miracously saved and both become mortals to live out the rest of their lives.

Hope you are doing well!!! Miss chatting with you.

Billie Jo

Cryna said...

I would like to see both the hero and heroine be immortal for eternal love. If one is mortal and the other immortal, then you have one sufferring the loss of his/her love again.

These are tough questions, but on your last choice of whether a character becomes immortal during the book, then yes they should choose it.

I am not even sure that I am making any sense here, I know what I am trying to convey, but think maybe I have muddled it.

polheber2 said...

Hi Erin,
I suppose it all depends on your mythology. Is there a greater power that created your vamps? Can they grant her/him immortality? Does the mortal have to become a vamp? Can they become other? Like a shifter, find out about fae blood, valkyrie? I think that would be a fun twist. Or is he/she a tortured vampire that hates being what they are? If so, then would they be happier mortal?

Joni said...

I think they both should become immortal only because I'm a romantic at heart and in reality it doesn't work that way...nothing lasts forever in reality...but to have a love soo great that it can endure centuries-long? How wonderful is that? Now if you had a conflict regarding your particular vamp who cannot have children unless it's with a mortal, wellll...that could pose a problem if you were wanting them to create a family then you have a whole other set of rules. But eternal love? That is sooo sensuously romantic to me!


Erin McCarthy said...

I was thinking this comes up with time travel romances too... and in general, I always want them to be together, not living separate lives in different centuries. But with vampires, if one is mortal, they are still together, it's just that their time is finite, and one has to endure past the other. Probably too tragic for me when I put it like that. ;-) In this story I'm working on, all three are a possibility because this vampire is a research scientist who has the knowledge to inhibit the virus that causes vampirism.

Billie Jo, thanks for your thoughts, and I love what you said about them falling in love with each other for being who they are. I miss chatting with you too!

I totally understand what you're saying! I agree that it's important that immortality be their choice.

You've hit the name on the head! This vampire suffers in his immortality, and suffers the loss of everyone he's ever known and loved.

Joni, that is romantic and totally sexy, isn't it? In reality, spending four hundred years with one person might be a little tough but it makes for a darn good read.

Thanks everyone! I think I'm working this around in my head. It always helps to hear reader thoughts and the questions you all raise.

Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Erin,

in my opinion should they both be either immortal or mortal at the end. (Preferable immortal). Otherwise it's only a happy end for a limited time. The Vampires have to suffer enough lost of loved people in their lives, so that they shouldn't loose their life mates.

Laurie D. said...

I prefer that both characters be mortal or immortal together by the conclusion of the story, to ensure a happy ending. Now whether they are different throughout the story makes no difference, but I like them the same by the end.

I prefer that characters have a say in whether they become immortal, but in the event of an emergency as you describe, I have no problem with that choice being made by the other. It bears witness to the fact that they can't live without the other, IMO.

Lisa T said...

Hey Erin!

Hero and heroine should both be immortal or mortal by the end of the book. I prefer immortal but that's just my opinion.

I also think a character should be able to choose to become immortal even if is by circumstances. You can just write in a brief moment of lucidity so the choice can be made.

Have fun finishing the book.

Michelle B said...

Great first blog, Erin!

I've read books where both the hero and heroine end up mortal and where they both end up immortal, and I've enjoyed both ways. I think it really depends on the characters themselves. I do think it's best the both end up the same though or they seem doomed to future unhappiness when one of them is no longer around. I'm one who likes to think of the characters "down the road" after the book ends.

As for being forced into becoming immortal or being able to choose it, hmmm, that's a good question. I am ok with either depending on the characters kinda like the above answer.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's all about the characters and them being true to themselves. Not sure if this helps, but I thought I would give my two cents:)

Good luck with the ending!

kltporter said...

Hi, Erin--

You've gotta have the forever love.

Anything else is just not "emotionally satisfying."



Amy S. said...

Hero and heroine should both be immortal (eternal love)?

ilona said...

I have read all the various endings and the various changings (forced and chosen) and it honestly is dependant on how well the author has written it - if it's well written I accept the ending given, because for me it depends on the story to that point. As long as the characters are happy with the end so am I (does that make sense?).

Stacy~ said...

I'm siding with the team that says the h/h should be either mortal or immortal. Doesn't make a bit of difference which one, but I want to be assured of the happy ending, and there will always be a bit of regret for me if one is mortal and the other is immortal. I wouldn't want that for either one of them.

I may not agree with Billie Jo's idea, but I was intrigued by her reasoning. Surely going from being mortal to immortal, for example, is going to change that character in some way. One idea is to make the change happen before they truly fall in love. Or just let it play out and see where the characters take you. Angela Knight had a story in one of the Secrets books where the hero becomes immortal towards the end, and it worked really well for the love story. I trust your judgment Erin :)

Erin McCarthy said...

I'm seeing a pattern in your answers... :-) I totally agree that the characters are going to drive the direction of a story, and I believe I have found what I want mine to do. Reading all your comments and the questions you raised has been fabulous in getting my thoughts cleared. I think I already knew what I wanted to do, I just needed to trust my instincts.

It's been a lot of fun to write these books... vampires just have all that life experience, yet eternal youth. How cool would that be?? LOL.

Have a great Monday all!

Paula said...

I like the thought that one is mortal and one immortal only leaves you with the impression that the mortal will choose immortality down the road. Not when he/she is 90, but in the near future, after they explore all that it entails as far as being educated in the whole vampire scene kind of stuff. The lure of immortalilty is too much to refuse, yet they want to be themselves for a little longer.