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Thursday, June 29, 2006


So I'm suffering from a serious case of butterflies. My first paperback is due out on the shelves next week. *G* I've already gotten my thrill for the week~I saw it out the shelves at two places and both places had it displayed vvvverrrryyyy nicely.
Still, I have the butterflies. And I've been assured, sadly, that the butterflies don't ever really go away. Yuck. I've heard that from numerous people. Several friends have told me, usually in the same breath, Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. I get those same butterflies. Don't worry... it's gonna be fine...
Don't worry. These butterflies feel like they have steel wings tipped with razors and they are flying around my gut and I get to deal with them for the rest of my life???? But don't worry.
I might be able to manage it, though. See, I've come up with a plan. Move to a remote area with no internet access, no bookstores, no newspapers. I was thinking Antarctica but I don't like the cold so much.
So I've decided somewhere in Montana should work. Montana still has lots and lots of space, right?
If I can't get online, I won't be tempted to check my email compulsively every ten minutes waiting for that first email that says, oh man this book sucked! Big time. I won't check review sites hourly, waiting to read that review, even though I don't pay much attention to reviews any more. This book is different~I'm entitled to check, right? I won't keep checking the ranking on Amazon. But those rankings don't mean much, I'm told. So why do I keep fighting the urge to go look?
So some isolated, cut off place in Montana should work. There, I can take my laptop, sans internet access, and work on my current WIP(s) and worry about whether or not they suck. I mean, I only have about a year or so before one of them releases and the other one...a couple of months. I've got a lot of worrying to get to.

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LuAnn McLane said...

Shi, I know how you feel! I was checking online to see if Dark Roots had been reviewed yet and my stomach was in knots... and no matter how many people like my books the bad reviews are the ones that I take to heart :-( Human nature I guess.

Angela James said...

I still love that cover! I have faith in you :)

Dannyfiredragon said...


the book will be as good as always. Does it calm your nerves to know that there was a real fight to get your book for review? I lost, but I will get my copy soon.

Shiloh Walker said...

Does it calm your nerves to know that there was a real fight to get your book for review?

oh cool... was there screaming and yelling and punching involved?

ladies... i'm still nervous... lol

Cryna said...

Awe Shi I am sure you will do well, and I would think it a real compliment that so many wanted to review your book.

But I can also understand that you are nervous, this is your baby so to speak that you are putting out there for all to see and comment on, and you are bound to be nervous. I really think that it is going to do well. I like the cover alot.

Stacy~ said...

It is amazing how those feelings affect so many areas of our lives. I deal with the public and I could have a wonderful experience with 100 people in one day, and then 1 bad experience. That 1 bad moment is going to be the one I dwell on, because no matter what I did, it was not enough, or it did not satisfy the person, and I keep going over what I could have done differently to get a positive result. Most likely nothing, but that doesn't make it any easier LOL.

Just remember, you have tons of people who LOVE your stories. You are one of only about 2 or 3 authors from which I will buy ebooks, and your success will continue to grow because you have an amazing imagination that has so many unexplored ideas, and your writing keeps getting better - more complex and engrossing. You've worked hard to get where you are. No matter what, nothing will take that away from you.

*grumbling cuz I didn't get an arc either...LOL*

Michelle B said...

I'm not really sure what to say to make ya feel better, Shi, but as long as you keep writing, I'll keep buying:)

And I know many musicians say the same type of thing with stage fright. Even after years, many of them get it before every performance. But the good thing is it's evidence you care and it keeps you on your toes.

Shiloh Walker said...

lol... I STILL think Montana sounds good.

Silma said...

Very nice cover! Here's to many happy sales! *tipping a pina colada glass at you*

Mel said...

There's not as much space in Montana as you'd think. You might want to try Canada. (so says the girl from Montana)
Your book's on my To Be Bought list...just thought I'd let you know that even us girls in isolated, lonely Montana read your stuff. ;o)

PattiF said...

I just ordered it today from Amazon. Looks so good, and I'm not talking about that beautiful cover.

The only thing about hiding away is whether you can truly live without internet service at all? :)

Shiloh Walker said...

patti... that's the point. If I'm isolated I can protect myself from my insatiable curiousity.

and daggone it, mel... there has to be some space in montana. Canada is heading too far north.

I considered alaska, but that's just too cold in the winter.

sigh... maybe a tropical island, nice and deserted.

meljean brook said...

I found it in B&N -- displayed at the top of their new releases section! Impossible to miss (and that was good, because I was looking for it).

The cover is just incredible. It looked good as a picture, even better in real life. Love the glossy/matte combo and how it makes her stand out.

Now off to read it.

Congrats, Shi!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Brilliant... brilliant... brilliant - what a great way to debut in print. The cover is amazing and the storyline - I was back in elloras cave at 2am trying to find all the hunter books - am ordering them all this weekend - there goes the budget me.. not sad at all!!

Next one can't get here fast enuf

best wishes