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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Top Ten Scary Places in America

Okay~most people who know me know that I'm into haunted stuff. I just think it's fascinating reading about ghost stories that are supposedly real.

One of my favorite things to do around Halloween is go to the haunted houses~you know the fake ones... pay $10 and get scared out of your wits.

I love them.

But I also love reading about the REAL ones...and I'm going to try to visit some of these places someday. These were listed on MSN.COM today.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery - Los Angeles, Calif.
The Driskill - Austin, TX
Alcatraz Island - San Francisco, Calif.
Boston Common - Boston, Mass.
Biograph Theatre - Chicago, Ill.
The Spaghetti Warehouse - Houston, TX
Grand Ole Opry - Nashville, Tenn.
The Dakota - New York, N.Y.
Heathman Hotel- Portland, Ore.
Fitzgerald Theater - St. Paul, Minn.

Now, I've never actually heard of some of these. The Driskill? Nope, haven't heard of it. Boston Common~heard of that one. And the Grand Ole Opry, although I didn't know it was supposedly haunted.

Here's some places around where I live that are reputed to be haunted... and some of these... I've been too. Never have seen a ghost, but I have felt some very ODD things at a few of these places.

Waverly Hills TB Sanitorium~ Louisville, Ky. The guy who bought this property recently has spent a lot of time fixing it up... AND he runs a haunted house type of thing around Halloween. Now THAT is cool... a haunted house IN a haunted place. I've been here, and this is definitely one of the SPOOKY places, where you aren't quite sure you really want to be there or not. The picture above is one I found on his website...and the place feels every bit as spooky as the picture looks.

Culbertson Mansion ~ New Albany Indiana. Another old place, reputed to be haunted, and they have a haunted halloween thing in the carriage house. Another cool one, although this place is no where near as spooky as Waverly.

Seelbach Hotel ~ Louisville Ky I haven't ever stayed here, although a few friends have. One said she couldn't sleep all night. There are reports of TVs coming on in the middle of the night, the sound of footsteps on hardwood floors~yet the hotel has carpet down. Just over all spooky feelings. The website actually mentions one of the ghosts that are supposedly seen there.

White Hall Mansion ~ Richmond Ky. I haven't been here... but it sounds cool. The information on the Shadowlands site over more than the official site. People have supposedly seen a woman and a young boy, as well as a baby laughing.

Ten Penny Bridge- Charlestown In. This one is new to me...I haven't heard this and now I'm curious... might have to talk the DH into a field trip.

There's bunches more. Of course, I don't have the time or patience to list them all. I have done some serious mental note taking... i'm gonna go there...and there...and there...

Here's my main destination though

Salem... I love history. And this is one of the most bizarre things in American history. Not to mention all the cool old places in this town.


Nancy Henderson said...

Hi, I ran across your site while surfing, and I thought you had a great looking website.


AE Rought said...

Had to come... Vamps and Scamps. How could I resist??

I totally agree with Salem being a main destination. Some day, I will be there.

Patti said...

Wow, lots of great information! Thanks, Shi!

Demented M said...

If anyone is interested, I have pics up from my ghost tour of Salem. Some freaky stuff.

Here's the link


LuAnn McLane said...

Shi, I've been to the Seelbach several times and we always go looking for the "lady in blue".

I was in Salem as a kid and yikes it is a scary place.

Michelle B said...

I'm such a wimp when it comes to fake haunted houses, so I can't even imagine real ones...eek! I was soooo afraid of ghosts as a kid.

That said, I have been to one of the places on the list: Alcatraz. It is definitely worth the trip and if you go, I recommend the audio tour. It really made me feel like there were others there with me while I was walking around. It was quite an experience. Of course I went during the day. I imagine it's even creepier at night!


Jaci Burton said...

I LOVE scary places! Great links! My sister used to work at Hollywood Forever cemetary. Verrrry creepy place!

Lady Grendel said...

If you are interested in a good scare, the Culbertson Mansion has a sleepover in the actual house during halloween season.