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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ghosts...Do You Believe??

Ghosts…Do You Believe??

Oh, yeah, I sure do. In fact, I live in a haunted house…just ask my kids.
They won’t stay here by themselves. When they come to cat-sit when we’re away, they three girls come together, keep all the lights on and hang garlic on the front door.

I’d say they were just over reacting but way too often I “hear” stuff like cabinets closing, doors slamming (angry ghost) books falling for no good reason. When I’m sleeping here by myself I keep all the lights on too.

My daughter went to art school in Savannah, the most haunted city in the USA, and stayed in a really old apartment building. One day she could not find her drafting pencil, looked everywhere and finally found it in the bottom of an old art box she hadn’t opened for months. From then on her pencil always went missing and she always found it in that very place. She hand an artsy-fartsy ghost.

Ask anyone who lives in Savannah and they have a ghost story to share. When we stay at this B&B the ghosts love to play with our cell phone and alarm clock.

I’m getting ready to start a trilogy and I’m setting it in Savannah. I see a reforming vampire and a ghostly pirate in my future. Hope the ghosts in my house don’t want to give me too much advice. J

Soooo, does anyone have ghosts in their house? Stories to share?

Have a great Halloween!
Hugs, Dianne


LuAnn McLane said...

Dianne I've never had a close encounter with the ghostly kind but I do believe in them. My husband's sisters tell a story of a piano that they inherited from a dead aunt... they insist that they woke up one night and the piano was playing with no one there and they really believe that it was their aunt playing, expecially since none of them know how to play the piano... still shiver when they tell this spooky tale.

Shiloh Walker said...

no ghosts in my house~too new, maybe... ~G~

My mom on the other hand.... they have so many scary stories on her side of the family, it's not even funny.

So dianne, when can Luann and I come for a visit?

DianneCastell said...

Holy cow, you guys have great stories. :-)
Too many strange things happen for there not to be ghosts.

Jodi said...

I lived in a haunted house growing up. Our poor dog would get locked in the garage while still on his chain and nobody was home when it would happen. My dad's tools would get all messed up & we knew if you touched the tools to put them back where you found them! We were always getting in trouble for it & it wasn't us! The pilot light would go out if you walked by it too fast and it would consistently go out even if no one was in the basement. Creaking stairs, missing dishes, etc. We later found out that one of the former owners committed suicide in the garage and a lady died of a heart attack in the kitchen.

Billie Jo said...


I am a believer in ghosts. I lived with one for many years. He had a silly sense of humor. It was my great uncle's ghost and he used to hide the strangest things, like a bathroom plunger, or my brand new blender, etc. When we heard his giggle in the attic, we went to investigate and wouldn't you know everything was sitting in the middle of the attic.

Billie Jo