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Sunday, June 24, 2007

ReaderWriter Get-together 2007!

Scamps and Vamps having fun!

At Rodeo
Go Billi Jo, Go LuAnn!
Book cover quilt
Yippeeeeeeee LuAnn!!!!

Joni the winner!
Basket Raffle

Limo ride!

So this is what the inside of a limo looks like!

The Reader Writer Get-Together 2007 is officially over. Lori and I turned over the check to the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter last Monday and this year was bigger and better than ever in more ways than one.

We raised over $4200 for the shelter, over two-hundred for the animal shelter and we’re still getting numbers from the sale of the Write Ingredients for the troop donations. As I’ve said so many times before and will continue to do so... Thank You to all the volunteers who made this event possible. Thank You to all who came.

Every year the event gets bigger and we hope better. Love the Eighties Trivia Quiz with Erin McCarthy, Ride a Cowboy Save a Horse by the Vamps and Scamps and LuAnn McLane and Billy Jo teaching line dancing. That the Rodeo sent a limo to pick everyone up to go line dancing on Saturday night was an added treat. Thanks LuAnn for getting that together.

Lori and I are already working Get-together 2008 and with great suggestions from you all. We’ll add more author rotations, and listing pen names for authors who write under more than one name.

But even with all that goes on at the event my favorite part is simply talking with readers and authors face to face. Most of the time I’m behind this computer writing a book or emails or blogs etc and don’t get all that much chance to see you one on one. And even if I do run into authors at RT it’s so busy there’s no kick-back time to talk about your family, job, books you like.

But the event is different, least I hope so. Just sitting and chatting is the very best part for me. I remember when Lori first suggested we do this, she said how many do you think we can get to come. We decided that 35 was a good number. We’d have fun, talk, eat, Lori and I would put together a few baskets and that would be it. And now look! J

So, my question to you all is… What is your favorite part of the event? And if you didn’t get a chance to come, why would you want to? Or not?

I have a few totes left from the event and will give two away from postings to this blog. If you already have one you can give it to a friend.

Hope to see you next year. In 2008 the event will be the first weekend in June, the 1-2. Mark your calendars.

Hugs, Dianne


Jaynie R said...

I'd like to go so I can meet the regulars that seem to hang out there. So many authors and readers go to that now instead of RT, so I've missed meeting a few people.

Looks like y'all had lots of fun.

littlelamblst said...

My second attempt to post.

I have not attended but would love to for the very reason that you mention. Everyone says that this event is wonderful for the opportunity of readers and authors really getting to chat and relax together.

Judy F said...

So far I have been every year. Its just so much fun putting faces to friends names. I think my fav part is just chatting with everyone, whether its an author or a reader. There are way to many hightlights or even fav parts for me to list here.

A special one for me this year was Alane,Tom and Melissa coming.

realllybadbarb said...

Each year is better then the last. :) I have so much fun and the worse part of the event is when I have to go home. :(

anne said...

To attend would be an unforgettable experience. meeting authors, having the chance to meet, mix and mingle and their warmth and fun. An event that I would love.

ellie said...

Never having had the chance to attend an event of this type, it would be great to speak to authors whom I have read about, and to experience the fun and uniqueness of this special time together.

sharon said...

when I read about this wonderful time you had I want to be with you. What a worthwhile and interesting chance to meet authors whose books I read.

pearl said...

Never having attended it would be something extra special to look forward to. I love books, reading and meeting with authors would be the icing on the cake.

Amy S. said...

I haven't been able to go to any of them yet. I would love to go to meet my favorite authors.

Cryna said...

I have not been able to attend one of the get togethers yet, but would love to attend.

I would love to meet the Authors, and have a chance to talk with them one on one, but I would also love to meet all the friends I have made through the loop.

diane said...

When I read about your events they sound so exciting and interesting. Since I am a devoted reader I would love to be able to attend. Unfortuntately courses and my schedule did not permit me to this year. I hope to go another year for sure.

Barb V. said...

I would love to attend someday. There are so many positive comments from all the participants that I feel like even an event newbie would be comfortable there. So many favorite authors in one place would be a dream come true. It would be great to meet all of the loop regulars too!

tetewa said...

I have never been but would love to attend one. The best part would be to see and meet all the different authors and get them to sign their books. What more could a reader such as myself ask for!

annie said...

Attending this event would be wonderful, like a dream come true. Haven't yet managed but I certainly hope so. Sounds wonderful. Authors, books and fun. Most important ingredients.

Ann M. said...

I was going to ask what next year's dates were.

I'm hoping that things will work out that I'll be able to attend as long as it doesn't conflict with settling back in the States (if we stay until May) or school.

I love that authors take time to spend time with readers.

Stacy~ said...

I love the informal atmosphere, just being able to sit and chat because for the most part there aren't all those loud parties and seminars and other things that readers may not take part in. I love mingling with my on-line friends and the authors and just relaxing and having FUN. That's the best.

Kelley said...

This was my first year to attend and I loved it! I hope to be able to go every year. All the author and readers we so nice and fun to talk with. I didn't meet anyone who wasn't friendly. My favorite part was like yours, I just loved hanging out and chatting with everyone.

Michelle B said...

I'm so glad I was able to go this year! I'd love to be able to go every year, but it will depend on my schedule and on my finances (teacher's so need a raise lol).

I think my favorite part was being able to meet all the cool people (both authors and readers) I know online in person.

I just wish we had more time to chat informally I guess. Like many others said, I'm a complete introvert. It took me a while to feel even somewhat comfortable wandering around and then I need breaks from large crowds to re-charge my internal batteries every so often.

Also, I always feel odd going up to people and introducing myself. I guess maybe an ice breaker activity right at the start would be helpful.

DianneCastell said...

Hi all!
I picked a winner for the totes...actually I picked two.
If you can send me your address I'll send the tote along.
Thanks everyone for all the great things you said about the event!
I hope to see you there next year.
Hugs, Dianne

Winners: Diane and Littlelamblst
email me at