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Monday, June 18, 2007


We got back from vacation late Saturday night. Sunday we had a birthday dinner for the baby bratlet...she dove into the cake. I literally mean dove. She did a belly flop onto it. The girl does like her sweets.

I've got some updates on websites, some paperwork crap that I hate and some writing to get done, but I wanted to share a picture with you all.

This is from Gulf Shores, Alabama and man, their beaches are amazing.

I didn't get as much reading done as I'd like, although I did read some of Eve Vaughn's Reinventing Chastity from Samhain. Got a lot of good research material and a lot of sun. All in all, it was a great vacation.

But now it's back to work...anybody else going anywhere fun this year?


danetteb said...

Happy Birthday Miss Bratlet, my youngest likes to dive into the cake too........The beach looks nice and calm.

Michelle B said...

Welcome back, Shi! My vacation was the trip to Ohio for the get together this year:)

I was just in Phoenix to find an apartment to live in for my new job, but that wasn't really a vacation. And whew was it hot (over 110 degrees!) Just a preview for me:) I think I can take it, but I suppose we'll see...

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of the beach on your blog. Ck out gulf shores visitor stuff