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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Okay, I see these things all over the place and my friend Jaci told me what it was.... so I'm gonna give it shot.

1) I get to get rid of these stories inside my head. Writing is the one thing that shuts them up and it's cheaper than therapy.

2) While I can't exactly work in jammies (have to leave to take the kids to school and the sitter) I don't have to wear business attire or nursing uniforms. BIG Yippee.

3) I get to meet other people who finally understand the fact that yes, there are stories in my head and nope, i don't exactly know where they came from

4) I can buy pretty much any book I want, without guilt, and smile at my husband and say, but it's for research!!!!

5) I've gotten to meet some of my favorite writers that I've read for years.

6) I can finally play on the computer all I want and it's justified.

7) I get to meet people who love romance as much as I do.

8) I get to travel as much as I want and can afford, or as little as I want to...

9) I get to bribe friends into giving me early trading my stuff for theirs.

10) I got to see an excerpt from one of my books in Cosmo magazine.

11) If I want to take off a day or two... or a week...I can.

12) If somebody totally ticks me off, I can pound out my anger on the keyboard... killing them on paper. Nice, neat and LEGAL... without all the moral problems.

13) And last but not least... I love what I do. It's what I always dreamed of.

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Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Welcome to TT! It's a fun way to get to know people. I love your list -- especially killing people on paper. :-) Happy TT!

Shiloh Walker said...

;) it's one of the best reasons...

Jaci Burton said...

we're all really very lucky, aren't we? *grin*

Nothing like being able to live the dream.