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Sunday, November 27, 2005

What do YOU want for Christmas??

What do YOU want for Christmas??

...and how do you let others know THIS--and not the moose-head slippers--is what you want because you really hate those slippers?

Okay, you could tell people who give you gifts that you want such-and-such but that's like handing someone a shopping list. Besides, it's not that you want a specific thing but something in that category and that they pick out.

My husband's great but he's one of those guys who thinks a new Dutch oven is just the perfect gift (got that two years ago). Got the Kitchen Aid mixer last year along with three William Sonoma cookbooks to go along with the fifteen others he bought. Do we see a pattern here? Yep, the man likes to eat and thinks getting me stuff to feed him is his contribution to the situation.

I've tried leaving catalogues around and they wind up in the recycle bin. I drop hints and they go right over his head. I say let's plan a trip and he hands me a recipe.

I could go out and just buy what I want but it's more than what I usually spend but would make a terrific gift from my dh.

How do I get this great guy to buy me something besides a bread maker...I just know that's what he has up his sleeve this year.

Any ideas? Anyone else been down this road?

Dianne...who really is greatful but could use a little bling in her life


Jamie said...

We do make Wish Lists for each other, but we also take a day to go out to the stores together so we can come up with some ideas for our lists and show each other things that interest us. I know it's pretty straight forward, but it works for us. We usually try to put a lot of things on the list so that the things that are picked will be a surprise. It can also inspire other ideas. Good luck!

bkwrm26 said...

Give a list to one of the kids and let them take him shopping for you. This way when he goes for that breadmaker they can say no dad let's look at this for her.

Nicole said...

We make up wishlists. And I make sure throughout the year to mention things I'd like.

Though he surpised me last year with a new LCD monitor that I didn't even know I wanted. Loved it!

KimW said...

My husband and I write a list of things we want each year. I usually want clothes and my husband is a great shopper for that. He knows exactly what I like. His list usually contains tools and PC games. This year he wants some expensive knife from Williams Sonoma. Yes, he's the cook in the family and really wants kitchen stuff. I got it yesterday. Doesn't interest me in the least. haha! So I'd say exchange lists. Maybe one of your female relatives or friends can take time and go with him and steer him away from the kitchen shops.

DianneCastell said...

Okay, I want the husband who cooks. Happyreader, can you share. :-)
These are great ideas that you all have. My dh leaves cataloges around and circles stuff. That works pretty good too.
What is on everyone's Christmas wish list?

LuAnn McLane said...

Oh Dianne I feel your pain! LOL My dh knows that I love the lotions from Victoria's Secret so I usually get a shopping bag full of those and that's great because it fits ;-) My problem is that even if he buys something that I hate I always lie and say that I love it...big mistake!

Cindy said...

We were at Bath and Body Works getting presents for my nieces and they have a robe there that is OMG soft! I sooooooooo want it.

DH walks in and I made him feel of it. I kept going on about how soft it is..etc. After walking around the mall and looking in other stores, he tells me he knows what he's getting me for Christmas. He got me a leather jacket that day, so I told him that was my Christmas.

BUT we've got an anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks, so maybe........LOL

who also wants/needs an external hard drive

Anonymous said...

tape a picture to the wall by his fav seat or on the tv front or by the toilet

Shiloh Walker said...

lol... my DH is excellent at buying me the pretty stuff...i think he figured out long ago that if I want a vaccuum or dishes... I'll buy them. That is NOT my idea of a Christmas present.

He buys very excellent presents.

Can't help you, Dianne.

snowflake said...

Maybe you can draw up a list of things, marking them as things you don't have and want and those that you love but don't need anymore (ie recipe books, cookware) and leave in a place he's likely to see?

Anonymous said...

Oh dianne! I feel your pain! My DH is just the same. he figures since I love to cook and he loves to eat that its a great present to give me stuff for the kitchen! LOL What I've been doing for a while is loading a webpage in the computer and leave it open so when he seats at the computer he sees what I've been looking at! LOL Hope that works!


Erin the Innocent said...

I want a man *g* One with a job. LOL (oh and one that isn't already married,have a gf or is gay or a jerk)Oh and one that gives me the shivers...the good kind *g*


Lisa F. said...

We've reached the point where we usually just buy what we want when we want it, within reason of course. So when I buy myself something DH is usually happy because he doesn't have to shop for it. He always seems to come up with something I will enjoy even though I didn't know I wanted it so I still get a surprise gift.

Billie Jo said...

Hey Dianne,

How are you hon?

I make a list for everyone - lol. I am so tired of getting useless gifts. Now my hubby always knows what I want and what I like. He has never gotten it wrong.

But anywho, I make a list and say if you are going to insist on getting me something, then please use this list. It is usually stuff I need or really want.

Hope this helps.

Billie Jo *who is not shy* LOL

Jodi said...

We usually make lists up for other family members. Anymore, if we want something, we buy it and not wait for Christmas or a birthday. We're getting a new couch (sectional) so I think that will be our present this year! I also want a laptop so we'll see!