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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The geese are getting fat!

~Posted for Janice by Shiloh~


Did you notice? Two auspicious things happened on the morning of November 1. (Okay, make that three - 'cause we all know that Shiloh's wonderful new book, Hot Spell, hit the shelves... you know - the one that's going to sell a bajillion copies!)

But I digress... these other two happenings kicked off the unofficial start to the holiday season. The first event I must mention was of a retail nature. Early that day, Wal-Mart stripped the Halloween aisle bare, reduced all the plastic skeletons and pumpkin carving kits, and replaced them with peppermint candy canes, holly dishtowels, and chocolate snowmen. A sure sign that "you know what" is a-comin'.

The second inescapable turning of the tide showed up in my mailbox - the brand new, wrapped in plastic, heavy as a pound of hamburger meat, glossily photographed Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. As I later found out, there are two versions... this one is deeply into fashion, and they have promised me that my traditional catalog with the "his 'n hers" gifts is on the way.

But the fashion catalog was definitely intriguing! How about a black lace and Swarovski crystal bra for $325.00? The matching panties are a steal at $175. For the man in your life, NM offers a limited-edition 18-karat gold and pave diamond Swiss Army knife for only $6800. Or upgrade to the Executive version with a gold chain and an engraved blade for $50,000. So many choices...

In case you were wondering... fur is still in, despite the PETA people... you might enjoy a black mink capelet for $2600.

If you're on a budget (and who isn't), take home the cute retro "Days of the Week" panties from Juicy Couture. Those will only set you back $58 for the set or $8.29 per day... or $4.15 per cheek!

And last but not least... the Hello Kitty silver necklaces with your choice of charms... Ballet Kitty - $900, Tennis Kitty - $950, or my personal favorite - Ski Kitty - $850.

Often, the latest couture fashions don't really appeal to me, but judging by the beautiful dresses in this issue, romance is back on the boardwalk... lots of velvet, tulle, silk and taffeta... and wonderful, rich colors. I have been known to save these catalogs and use them later to "dress" my heroines. And did I mention that the lingerie pages are alluring as well?!?!?!

Well, there you have it - a hot off the press look at what's available for your holiday shopping pleasure.

In an exclusive arrangement with Neiman Marcus (Tennessee branch), you can visit my website and order from your wish list. Each item will have a 5 percent mark-up, all of which goes straight to my bank account.

And if you are one of those people who had to be told by McDonalds that hot coffee "may" burn the heck out of your private parts if you spill it in your lap... the above paragraph is a joke!!! It always makes me cranky to get sued right before Christmas.

Happy shopping all you Scamps and Vamps, and remember, you can never go wrong with a NM gift card. All denominations welcome, but I love the ones with lots of zeroes. :)

Wishing you all in advance a stress free shopping experience...



Judy F said...

Oh Janice you are a riot. My favorite radio station went to all christmas music today. Way to early for me.

Shiloh Walker said...

ALL Christmas music????



Jodi said...

That is too funny Janice! I noticed the same thing at my Wal-Mart. I had to laugh becuase I guess Thanksgiving doesn't exist anymore!

Anonymous said...

Niny here!
Oh Janice!! You are such a riot!! I laughed so hard reading this my tummy aches!!LOL For some reason the Walmart in my area, put the halloween costumes at the main entrance on sale, but split the "dedicated" section between Christmas stuff and Thankkgiving. Wich is Kind of cool, cause I love Christmas, but I want to enjoy my thanksgiving first! About the NM Catalog. I saw a pair of shoes I'll love to have but I doubt I'll be spending $450 for a pair of shoes. But one can always dream! Hey, maybe I'll write a book and dress my heroine with them, like you do! Just Kidding! LOL

KatieW said...

Oh Janice, I love Christmas! But it freaks me out to go directly from Halloween to Christmas! At our WalMart, they didn't even wait for Halloween to be over! The day before Halloween they created the "after Halloween aisle" and started spreading the Christmas love. I like Christmas, but that's even too much for me!