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Friday, September 30, 2005

I am *so* guilty of making excuses for things I don't get done... for example I was supposed to post a blog yesterday and I didn't...sure I could say that it slipped my mind or that I was too busy or that I didn't have anything to blog about but those would be excuses when the bottom line is that it was my turn. Dianne offerred to blog for me today when I was reminded because I had already given the excuse of why I might not get my post done today and I almost said yes...would have said yes except that I watched an amazing young man named Kyle Maynard on Oprah yesterday who recently wrote a book called NO EXCUSES and ya know why? (Okay I have to pause here because I'm sitting here crying just thinking about him) Swallow, sniff...okay deep breath:

Because this kid was born with only two major joints... neck and shoulders. He is missing legs and arms below where his knees and albows should be. His parents( God how did they know this would be the best thing...and how did they have the courage to do it) never gave him any special help or prevliges. Kyle learned to do everything on his own using what he had. Period.

I was blown away by this kid.

He said that he never made any excuses. The tag line for his book (that I'm going to buy) is:

"It's not what I can do. It's what I will do."

Kyle is going to be on 20/20 tonight and his website is You have got to watch and check out his website. After hearing him speak and hearing his gut-wrenching story you will never make an excuse again. Kyle went to do accomplish amazing things... played football, is a champion wrestler, and goes to college. He can type faster than most people with hands! He is truly an inspiration.

Did any of you guys see him on Oprah? Please give me your thoughts.


Laurie said...

LuAnn, since I'm at work when Oprah is on, I don't watch her, but I will watch 20/20 tonight. Sounds like a great story - but doggone it, I hate crying.

Judy F said...

I saw just the first few seconds of it and I had to go to work. I will try to watch 20/20 tonight.

Shiloh Walker said...

sniffles...makes you feel bad for complaining about ANYTHING.

I've got shivers. that quote at the top rocks.

I'm not an Oprah watcher~didn't know anything about him until you blogged but man....

Lynda said...

I saw him on Oprah last night and was in awe of his attitude. It was an incredible show and he is an amazing person. His parents deserve major kudos for how they raised him. When his sisters talked about their big brother, it was just so sweet.
Truly an amazing person who makes no excuses.

LuAnn McLane said...


I was just blown away. I don't I know that I wouldn't have been that strong and I would have done everything for him and that would have been the wrong approach.

It is so wonderful that he's getting the attention that he deserves and I hope that his book becomes a bestseller.

He was just so adorable on top of everything else. He got so choked up when his sisters were talking about him. You could tell how much that they love him.

LuAnn McLane said...

Here is Kyles websight. I somehow didn't put in his full name. Sheesh!

LuAnn McLane said...

Did you guys get to see him last night? Isn't Kyle an inspiration?