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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Desperate Authors Meet James Denton

As many of you guys already know, (because we tell everyone we know and even strangers)sister author Dianne Castell and I spent the night in a private suite with James Denton, Terri Hatcher's love interest on the wildly popular Desperate Housewives. Well, okay, we didn't *actually* spend the night with him.... more like the evening and okay it was a suite at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio and there were there friends and family of his there (including his very cute brother, David) and our friends Judy Flohr and Jody Geison, but why focus on the details, right?

I wasn't nervous meeting him one bit and of course I said amazingly clever and pithy things to him so that he hung on my every word and even began taking notes for future story lines when he found out that I was a rich and world famous author. By the end of the night Jamie (that's what his friends call him) wanted to leave his gorgeous wife and two adorable children and run away with me. Let me give you an example of how clever I was by reliving the moment that we met. The door to the suite opened and there was a camera the size of Alaska pointed in my face and and James Denton extending his hand:

Jamie: "Hi, I'm James Denton."

Pithy me: "I know."

Jamie: Blinking at me expectantly.

Pithy me: Blinking back.

Jamie: "This is where you're supposed to tell me your name."

Pithy me: Still blinking while trying desperately to remember my name while the huge camera records it all for the evening news. Dianne and Judy are waiting behind me no doubt hoping to be as clever as me.

Jamie: Grinning and now shaking his head.

Pithy me with a lightbulb moment: "Oh, I'm LuAnn."

Actually, after the first few moments of being nervous, Jamie and his brother David were so warm and welcoming that we all relaxed and had an fun evening. He posed for about a thousand pictures, autographed anything we wanted and even posed with our books. To top it all off the money we bid for the evening with him was for charity so it was all good.


DianneCastell said...

Oh, LuAnn, I was sooo glad you were the first one in that door! Name? I have a name?? We had a great time...the question is...who are we going to get to "read" our books next them!
Alan Jackson comes to mind. :-)

Shiloh Walker said...

and what did you want autographed... that's what I wanna know...

Judy F said...

Hey chicks. I had so much fun. LuAnn you were so cute. I was shocked I was fairly calm for the most part. LOL My friend Karen did the same thing when we met Huey Lewis. He asked for her name to sign the poster and she just looked at him. I had to supply all her answers. LOL

snowflake said...

I'm interested to hear Jamie's side of the story. LOLOL

Lucy Monroe said...

LuAnn I am laughing out loud at your story! I can so see that...the whole thing, him smiling and shaking his head...all of it. You are just too funny!

Great story!


P.S. Dianne...if you get Alan Jackson to read your book next time, you take *me* - got it???

LuAnn McLane said...

Well, Shiloh we had him sign baseballs and pictures...oh wait you asked what I *wanted* autographed...

He was really a sweetie and posed with our books and us. He was friendly but quiet in an almost shy way. The Reds' wives came in and at one point so did Nick Lachey who had a suite right next door.

Janice Maynard said...

I had the Today Show on while I was going through e-mail. It goes off the air at 10AM here, and just as I was getting ready to turn the TV off, the next show came on... something called "Xtra", I think. Eveidently the female co-host is on maternity leave and they are using celebrity co-hosts to fill in with the regular guy. James Denton was there today! Of course, no one even saw the boring regular guy with "Jamie" standing next to him. :)


Jaci Burton said...

did you drool? I'd have drooled


Shiloh Walker said...

jaci... sweetie, this bad, but i couldn't remember what he looked like.... lol.

they had to point me to a picture online.

hey, i don't watch much tv!

PattiF said...

Loved your story, LuAnn. Gosh, what I wouldn't do to be standing next to James Dention.

LuAnn McLane said...


He was so nice that after a while I forgot how nervous that I was and just enjoyed the evening. I hope that he gets plenty of screen time on Desperate Housewives this season. He did give us a little sneak preview in that he said the show was going to get even darker this season.